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Need Horse Transport? Get a quote now, simply fill in the form with your details, and we will come right back to you, or give us a call if you need horse transport services for your horse or pony, maybe your selling or buying a new horse, moving a race horse, relocating, need international horse transport, moving horse yards, going to the horse sales, competing at a show, or in need of 24 hour breakdown recovery, or need emergency horse transporting to Vets. NEEDARIDE horse transportation services can offer Nationwide horse transport UK and International horse transport just a click away, just complete the form with your requirements and we will send you our horse transportation quotes.

Which Horse Transport Companies?

Choose one that’s regulated, registered and authorised by DEFRA The Department for Environment, Food and Rural affairs, the UK Government department who work for the good of horses. Horse transportation companies also need to be registered with VOSA, the Vehicle and Operator Services Agency, the UK's Licensing, testing and enforcement services who ensure compliance of operators and drivers. Whether you need national or international horse transport, NEEDARIDE Horse Transport complies with these regulations.

Experienced Horse Transporters

A horse transporter should be capable, experienced, and knowledgable. Horse transporters in UK should hold advanced certificates of competence for handling and driving your horse, they should also be reliable, trustworthy, and discreet, who will logistically execute your horse’s move smoothly and making making sure they arrive and safely and stress free. NEEDARIDE Horse Transports handlers, and drivers are qualified.  NEEDARIDE nationwide horse transportation is a patient, professional and caring service, Our customers return regularly, view our testimonials and see what our customers have written. 

Why you need NEEDARIDE Horse Transport 

NEEDARIDE Horse Transport has over 30 years experience of owning and handling horses during transport, horses transportation has included working closely with horse welfare, vets and rescue organisations, assisting with equine accidents, and dealing with stray animals on motorways and other incidents. NEEDARIDE Horse Transport is a preferred provider for emergency equine transportation for several veterinary clinics and and equine hospitals in the UK.

National & International Horse Transport

NEEDARIDE Horse Transport are dedicated and honest and will take the welfare of your horse very seriously for the full duration of their journey. NEEDARIDE Horse Transport cost is very competitive, contact us for our horse transportation rates,  We want to make sure your horse arrives safely, Stress free, and on time with a very competitive rate.