Stables & Lairage

Rest & Comfort For Your Horse

Stables and Lairage

NEEDARIDE Horse Transports stables & lairage service offers  a place where horses will be rested. Moving house or yards is stressful enough without the headache of making sure fields, shelters and fencing are up to scratch before the move. By adding daily or weekly stabling to the journey, adds breathing space. The Stables & Lairage are DEFRA authorised and located quietly amongst the rolling hills of Warwickshire, our own 8 acre smallholding, completely secure, ring fenced with electric gates, has full 24 hour supervision and CCTV. Get Quote

Traditional brick built stables, in various sizes from 12 X 12 to 18 X 12 with windows in each, large overhang to protect from rain and sun.  Non slip rubber matting fitted in each stable.  Shavings or hemp is provided for bedding, (when booking your overnight stay please let us know if any horses suffers from allergies) We offer Hay or Haylage ad-lib (unless otherwise instructed).

Full Livery/Part Livery With Grazing

On arrival horses are stabled and fed, checked and skipped out during the course of the day and night,  a menage is available adjacent the stables, where horses can stretch a leg or two. All grazing is on level well drained land, The paddocks include shelters that are cleaned and maintained daily, (please advise on booking if your require turnout for your horse) finally an easy loader is on site to assist horses back on board to continue the journey.

Relocating or Moving Home

Moving home is one of life’s most stressful times, one of the biggest worry for horse owners is making sure the horses are collected amongst the chaos of removal men and lorries. Then making sure someone is at the new address to receive the horses. NEEDARIDE Horse Transport can relieve some of this pressure by transporting the horses and offering overnight rest (or until your ready for your horse). This allows additional to smoothly execute the move.  Aslo time to prepare your new stables and check fencing before receiving the horses. From only £10.00 per horse per night.

What's Included

  • Traditional Brick Stable
  • Defra Authorised
  • Secure Ring Fenced
  • Electric Gated Entrance & Exit
  • Rubber Matting
  • Hay/Haylage
  • Water
  • Feed - If your horse is on a special diet, please provide feed
  • 24hr Supervision
  • Grazing includes Field Shelter
  • CCTV
Stables & Lairage