Frequently Asked Questions

Listed below are some frequently asked questions, for further questions or queries please give us a call, we are happy to help.

1. How many horses can you travel at any one time?
 4/5 per vehicle. See Fleet Details

2. Can you move a mare and foal?
Yes, a dedicated fully enclosed section so both mare and foal can travel together.

3. Do you transport stallions?
Yes, full H frame partitions are on board between all horses with full height sniffer boards.

4. How do you work out quotes?
We use a commercial auto-route planner,  avoiding low bridges, and accessability. To calculate the mileage;-
Dedicated Load –  calculated from the depot, to collection, to delivery and return to the depot.
Shared Load –  calculated from last delivery to collection to delivery (sometimes to depot)

5. Do you do emergency call outs?
We are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Call us at any time.

6. Are you insured?
We are a fully insured. All horses are transported on the understanding that they are insured. Check your insurance policy to see if your covered for horse during transport. We can provide you with a quotation or put you in touch recommended insurers.

7. Do you have a valid authorisation certificate which entitles you to transport horses?
Yes, we are fully D.E.F.R.A Registered and Authorised.

8. Do you hire self-drive horseboxes?

9. Do you offer share loads?
We offer shared loads.

10. My horse gets very sweaty when traveling will you be able to monitor him?
CCTV is used during transit. The temperature of the horse area is monitored with the on board climate control system.

11. Can I travel in the horsebox too?
Yes, owner/groom can accompany the driver in the horsebox; prior notice is all we need. Only one seat is available. The passenger will be travelling at their own risk, this is not available over 8 hours (no sleeping facilities on board)

12. What about horsebox hygiene?
 The lorries are cleansed after every journey, they are also routinely swab tested.

13. Are you able to take tack in the horsebox too?
Yes, there is plenty of room for normal tack. On a shared load, this is limited.

14. Can you supply a travel kit for my horse?
Yes prior notice is required.

15. Can you supply hay nets and water?
We always carry water on board, and can supply hay nets. It is recommended you to supply your own hay due to dietry control.

16. Do you carry first aid kits on board?
We carry human and equine first aid kits on board.

17. Is the driver/operator an equestrian?
Only experienced drivers and handlers that are qualified.

18. Does my horse require its passport to travel with you?
Yes. EU regulations require passports to accompany all horses when they travel.

19. What information will you need when I book?
We will need your name, address and contact telephone number. The collection address and delivery address, full postcodes, and a telephone number of the delivery address if you are not traveling with the horse/horses. The Horse(s) size, name, age. It is also advisable to tell us if the horse is a nervous or inexperienced loader/passenger, the time and date of collection.

20. Is there a cancellation fee?
Any contract cancelled within 24 hours of departure will pay 50% of costs. Any contract cancelled within 12 hours of departure may be charged the full cost.

21. What do I need to do to prepare for transporting my horse?
Your horse and tack should be ready for loading at the arranged time. Also have your horse’s passport and insurance certificate present to travel with your horse, along with contact details.

22. How long do you allow for loading or unloading?
We allow up to 20 minutes from arrival,  extra time  is charged @ an hourly rate.

Can’t find your answer here in the frequently asked questions, call us 01926 840357