Horse Transport Shared Loads

The Cost Effective Way

Need a Shared Load

NEEDARIDE Shared Load Service can help drive down customers costs. First of all it's perfect for customers who can be flexible with your collection and delivery date and times. A shared load is a shared service between several customers. Hence the mileage, time, and distances are shorter, consequently costing less.  Horse are collected and organised by NEEDARIDE Horse Transport. Finally preplanned routes are put together when several horses are ready to share the journey

Rest Breaks

Due to regulations of drivers hours the journey will include rest breaks, as a result this also gives us a chance to physically check the horses, additional to the CCTV monitors. While we check your horse, we give feed and water at every stop, or as required or requested. Almost at journey end or if conditions change, you will be updated, finally we give you the estimated time of arrival (eta), usually within 2 hours of arrival. Consequently if an overnight stop is necessary this will be agreed with you prior to booking.

Saddlery & Horse Tack

We are happy to take your horse’s tack and saddley, just let us know, this will be limited to the space available, please make sure loose items are bagged and sealed.  Additional space can be made available just ask, loading and unloading of horse equipment will incur additional charges or waiting time just ask prior to booking.

What's Included

  • Cheaper Horse Transport
  • Possible Same Day Delivery
  • Rest Breaks
  • Additional Loading Time Must Be Booked
  • Limited Saddlery & Tack Space
  • Updates on Progress

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