Horse Transport Of The Year 2011

2011 has been busy year for NEEDARIDE Horse Transport, and I personally want to thank  all our Customers and Contacts, without you, this would not have been possible.

There have been so many wonderful success stories, where we have been fortunate enough to link together some beautiful friendships between man and his horse, there have been winners and losers on the race track, stunning demonstrations of control and dance, to the high kicking elasticated jumpers, we were even contacted by Santa to assist with his reindeers!

This years heart felt award goes to the little girl, who sat on the wall sobbing her little heart out, when I asked her what was the matter?  she told me she could not go to the pony show, as there was no room for her pony on the lorry, she sobbed and sobbed, I had to do something, I whispered in her ear, to go and tell her mum we will make room for her pony, her eyes lit up, then her face lit up, and before I knew it, little white pony was on board!

This wonderful little girl, is a member of the riding for the disabled, she had a wonderful day out and took home her rosettes, well done.....

The New Year will deliver NEEDARIDE its new truck, where this little girl will always have room for her little pony.

NEEDARIDE Horse Transport of The Year 2011
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