Important Horse Transport Guide

Every Horse owner, breeder, or equestrian at some time will need horse transport for their horse or pony, for an emergency, for pleasure, or for work.

Transporting Yourself

Transporting your horse yourself is one option, this can be very costly, purchasing or hiring a horsebox or trailer, getting the correct driving license, fuel costs, learning to maneuver large or cumbersome vehicles with your horse on board can be taxing, it can also be very time comsuming, but many horse owners take this in their stride, its all part of owning and enjoying a horse together with being responsible for the welfare of their horse.

Professional Horse Transport Companies

The alternative option is to look for a professional horse transporter, who will be reliable, experienced, affordable, and are registered by the governing authorities DEFRA, who also hold an operators license with VOSA.

Horse Transport Quotes

Horse transporters can quote in two ways, the first is a designated quote, this is a service that's put together specifically for your horse's journey, you can decide on the actual date and time you need the transport, the quotation is normally calculated from the horse transporters base, to the collection address, then directly onto the delivery address, and return to base, this will also include, tolls, ferry cost, and any additional charges that you may agree. This option keeps your horse's travelling time to the minimum.

Shared Load, this option is a route put together for several horses to share the transport, a route from the horse transporters base, to the first horse collection address, 
then onto the second horse collection address, as an example the next nearest address may be the second horse, so preference of delivery  will be given to the nearest address, and so on untill all horses have been delivered, the quotation will be based on the travel mileage incurred to collection and delivery, this option may be cheaper as several customers share the cost.

Additional charges may include loading time, horse transporters allow a minimum loading time, if this is exceeded you may incur additional charges, some tack may be allowed to travel with your horse, this may be limited to the space available, its always better to explain your needs, you can then be assured of a stress free journey for your horse.

Always remember you horse must travel with his passport, it's the law

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