Snow What

Left to play with the traffic on the M6 near Stafford, abandoned, alone, hungry and frightened, fortunately for this little pony the highways agency contacted rescue services and very quickly NEEDARIDE was mobilised.

We named him Snow, old, emaciated and covered in masses of matted wooly curly hair, swollen gums and broken teeth, infestation of lice and (believe it or not) cockroach’s.

Despite his distress he was delighted to see us. He’s now in safe, capable, and caring hands after several consultations from the vet, much grooming, visits from the farrier, buckets of cooked carrots, plenty of feed and hay, friends to play with, his own paddock to graze in, he has slowly and gently been nursed back to health. Such a gent, impeccable manners, a child’s dream pony!

Your slippers and pipe are not quite ready for you yet!

Good luck Snow Whenever you need a ride, NEEDARIDE will be there.

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